Pampas Grass Large black Fluffy Dried pampas arrangementPampas Grass Large black Fluffy Dried pampas arrangement

Pampas Grass Large black Fluffy Dried pampas


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Our large black pampas grass is freshly dyed . They are a Jumbo size of 120cm with a flower of 75cm plus . Black is the hardest colour to dye , colour tones can vary in different lighting from dark navy to a darker black , placement is key .   Please click on link for our shop for more colours including Pure white and Cream and Ivory. Please follow instructions below carefully for best results. Please note, your Pampas and Bunny tails has to be compressed for safe and proper transportation 2. Shake it gently, it will shed, however this is normal since it is all natural and sun-dried 3. To get it to it’s regular, fluffy and non compressed form, please use a hairdryer in low speed and low heat about 25cm away and gently blow dry for about 10-15 minutes 4. Alternatively, you may put it in the sunshine for a couple of days 5. To prevent, further light shedding, you may apply a coat of stronghold hairspray

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