Furniture Beautification

If you're in need of upholstery cleaning for your sectional, sofa, ottomans, and other furniture pieces, then we have you covered. Whether you have fabric, leather or microfiber, we have expert technicians and equipment to get the job done right.

Oil Extration On Leather

When a heavy amount of oil soaks into your leather furniture over a period of time it may look as if nothing can be done to revive your furniture. We have tools and formulas to help pull out the oil and restore it to its original new appearance. The process requires multiple applications in order to be successful. Some leather grades are not candidates for oil extractions so we will need to be able to see your furniture in person before we can say if it's possible.

Professional Leather Cleaning

We can arrange pick up and redelivery of your furniture to perform our multi step cleaning process to pull out any dirt or grime that has been soiled into your furniture. In some cases we can do the cleaning at home if the furniture is not in a condition that requires heavy stain removal.

Fabric Cleaning

We offer cleaning services on several types of fabric. Each fabric can determine the method we can use in order to provide the best outcome. We also can stain guard your furniture to help our professional cleaning service last longer.