Repurpose -Reuse- Reinvest, in today’s ever changing world we believe if you love the furniture you own and it just needs some TLC, it’s best to reinvest in what you love vs letting it end up in a landfill. We will make the whole process as easy on you as possible. We come to you with samples to help you select what would work best for you and your environment. We may start by asking you to send photos of your furniture, inquire if you know where you got it or what the brand name is, in order for us to supply you with an initial estimate prior to setting up an appointment. You can change certain items like stitching, foam, suspension, and we can work with you if you want to completely redo certain aspects of the frame. We guarantee the quality of our work and back any material we use. If you love what you already have, you will love it even more once we help you reimagine your furniture with new upholstery.

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Redye/Repair/Restore Leather

Leather Leather specializes in the repair, restoration and renewal of leather. There are many reasons why repairing leather is good for the environment. Leather Leather technicians have the equipment and have the experts to make cracks, stains, scratches, holes, rips, and fades in leather look new again. The restoration process is an environmentally-friendly alternative to replacement.

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*Please note that all repairs and redyes can only be done on full grain leather and not on bonded or faux leathers. Restoration is a process and not a quick or shot term fix.

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Leather & Fabric Cleaning

Leather Leather Furniture Gallery has professionals that can clean your leather or fabric furniture with amazing results. If it’s possible a stain can be removed we have the training, tools and appropriate products to remove the stains. We offer pick up and redelivery or in some cases are able to do the service in your home. Some leather cleanings may require oil extractions that can take time and require multiple applications in order to remove certain stains and oils. If an oil extraction is necessary then we will need to pick up your furniture and have it for an extended period of time to perform the service. Most fabric furniture can be cleaned in our clients homes within a short service window. In order to receive an estimate you can upload photos of your furniture on our contact form in our contact us section on our website or call us to make an appointment today.

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Foam Replacement

Leather Leather offers a variety of high quality foam that will bring life back into your furniture. We sell seven different types of foam. High resiliency 2.0 soft grade, high resiliency 2.5 medium grade, 3.0 high resiliency firm, 3.5 high resiliency extra firm, Eco-friendly high resiliency, down lined high resiliency, poly filled three channel fiber as well as cushions that have a combination of . All of our foam is wrapped and professionally cut to the shape of your seat or back cushions. If your furniture is has all attached seats and backs, our trained professionals can take your furniture apart, maintain the integrity of the material and frame, and reassemble your furniture to give it a new look and great feel. Don’t worry about replacing your entire furniture if it just not sit like the way you want it to, call us and replace it. This is a great way to recycle what you have and get it to last vs. letting it end up in the landfill.

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Interior Design

Leather Leather Furniture Gallery has a sister company called Interiors & Art that is owned and operated by Tricia Mulcahy. If you are looking to complete an entire room, home, or commercial setting, Tricia can help. She has spent years practicing interior design as well as having an education in residential and commercial design, kitchen and bath design, and sustainable design. She can promise you fantastic service and great results. To Learn more visit

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