Nordic set of 2, u-shaped & ring shaped natural unglazed art ceramic vases


Very eclectic bohemian set of u-shaped and ring shaped Nordic vases make a beautiful home décor addition to any home. Nordic Ceramic Hollow U Shaped Vase plus ring shaped complement is a unique and eye-catching addition to your home decor collection. Made from high-quality ceramic, this vase boasts a sleek and minimalist design with its U shape and hollow center. The smooth and polished surface of the vase at Interiors & Art gives it a modern and sophisticated look that’s sure to impress your guests. Plus, its high-quality ceramic material ensures that it’s durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Make a statement with the Nordic set of Ceramic Hollow U Shaped Vases, and bring a touch of elegance and charm to any room in your home.. Large u vase measurements are: 20cm x 18.5cm Small ring Vase: 13.5cmx 15.5cm Makes a earthy natural part that works great with any dried floral design. Just for dry flowers. Please do not use water. Materials Ceramic : Ceramic, which is natural material, has a perfect touch as it is organic. Feel this natural material at home. Each piece is carefully wrapped and secured for shipping. If you ever have an issue with damage upon delivery please contact us right away. We work hard to make sure it gets delivered in perfect condition and want to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Large u vase measurements are: 20cm x 18.5cm Small ring Vase: 13.5cmx 15.5cm Circular bottleneck design Smooth lines Bottom grinding for smooth bottom surface Smooth finish with bold waves, each piece is hand finished to give a soft clean exterior. True color is a light beige with a hint of natural speckled variations of color. The reasons why water should not be used with this vase, the absence of a waterproof glaze that can cause potential damage to the ceramic surface. There is a small amount of glaze on the interior of the vase, that can allow you to only use water on an occasion. Since water is a key material in creating ceramics, water can a also cause the vase to weaken. Using this vase with dry flowers, such as its ability to showcase the natural beauty and delicate details of dried floral arrangements.Perfect vase for your favorite pampas grass, dried floral bouquet, faux silk florals or a perfect vase to display your dried wedding bouquet. Each piece is handcrafted in California by skilled artisans. The natural exterior and slightly glazed interiors make this vase stand out, the smooth finish on the interior helps the dried flowers not to stick when you are placing them in or out. The overall dimensions of the vase, including its height and width, is Large u vase measurements are: 20cm x 18.5cm Small ring Vase: 13.5cmx 15.5cm with some variation in the curves. This is a lite but mighty vase. The circular bottleneck design has a unique and practical feature that allows for easy arrangement and display of flowers. The smooth lines and bottom grinding add to the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of the vase so the smooth edges allow you to move it on a wooden surface without any damage. Here are some frequently asked questions Can I use this vase for fresh flowers or water? Only small amounts and not often or it can change the color and or weaken the vase How do I clean this vase? Dry cloth is recommended. I have use air blowers to remove items inside the vase Is the ceramic material food-safe? Only dry food as it is not designed for that type of use. Can I place this vase in direct sunlight? It’s not recommended Does the vase come with any instructions for use? No, however I am always available if you have any questions Can I use this vase for other purposes besides holding dry flowers? It’s always gorgeous on its own and can be used as a complement to other natural dried vases. What is the weight of the vase? Weight is approximately 1.5 pounds each as it is a lightweight ceramic. Is the exterior of the vase rough or smooth? All of our vases are made to be smooth unless it just has a texture to me more uneven however all are made to have an even smooth to the touch finish. Can I use this vase outdoors? The natural ceramic can be a beautiful complement to your garden. Outside patio. It just needs to stay covered as the sun can deteriorate the exterior of the vase. Is the bottleneck design easy to pour dry flowers into? The bottleneck design is a definite added feature that helps you easily take flowers in and out in a way not to damage the flowers. We hope you love our products!

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