Couple in love sculptureCouple in love sculpture

Couple in Love Bronze Sculpture


BEAUTIFULLY HANDCRAFTED STATUETTE: This elegantly handcrafted metal sculpture is a wonderful way to surprise your loved ones for a special occasion. Made of durable cast iron, it will be a loving gift that will evoke beautiful memories for years to come. CONTEMPORARY STYLE: The modern design of this art piece makes for a good talking point. Each couple sculpture has a classic, contemporary style that will stand the test of time. It will never go out of date. ELEGANT AND SYMBOLIC DESIGN: Our modern sculpture portrays a picture of a couple in love. It stands as a symbol of your eternal love for your loved one who will truly appreciate this romantic gesture. It makes a wonderful gift for your 6th anniversary as it symbolizes strength and durability. BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME: Placed on your coffee table, shelf or in your home office, this couple sculpture will enhance the style of your home. It will serve as a reminder of the love you both share.   5*4.3*19.5CM

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