Large Pampas Grass Natural Dark Grey Dried floral homeLarge Pampas Grass Natural Dark Grey Dried floral home

Large Pampas Grass Natural Dark Grey Dried floral home


About this product

Sold per stem. Our Female Natural Dark Grey pampas are a combination of silverish , greyish, ashy, purplish and beige tones . The combination of all these tones can form a silverish lighter grey or a darker grey, natural grey pampas will change colour tone with lighting, even the lighter grey can look slightly darker in the corner of your home , and the darker can look slightly lighter in the sun . To bring out your desired colour tone, placement and lighting is very important. Grey light or dark are natural , trying to match them with other grey decor can be difficult . There are 25 subtypes of Cordateria selloana (pampas grass) , it is important to make the right choice, plume (flower) size and selloana type is key , especially in larger pampas grass . Please Note, our rare Extra large Pampas grass Dark Grey is 120cm (4 Foot) (48 inches) , with a rarer plume length of 80-100 cm which can take up to 5 years to grow.


• Made in United Kingdom • Weight: 1 lb (453.6 g)



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