Maelyn Scented Candle - Vanilla & CoconutMaelyn Scented Candle - Vanilla & Coconut

Maelyn Scented Candle – Vanilla & Coconut


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DECORATIVE JAR CANDLE – Embossed delicate daisy patterns adorn a thick, luxury glass jar. The jar itself is a statement home décor piece. A perfect gift idea that soothes and beautifies any space. LARGE CANDLE – 19.4oz/550g. This large natural soy wax candle offers in-depth relaxation for approximately 90 hours and is vegan, cruelty and paraben-free and biodegradable. CREAMY GOURMAND SCENT – Indulge in rich notes of vanilla and tonka bean, with a soft hint of coconut. This sweet vanilla and coconut candle elevates the mood of your home and inner world. WOOD WICK DESIGN – Designed with a natural, non-toxic wood wick, this candle gives off a soft, nostalgic, crackling sound with minimal soot when burning. A WELL-LOVED LUXURY – Part of our most beloved series with lots of love from repeat customers, there are 10 unique colors and scents. Find your signature scent now.

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